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Alabama Virtual Library
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
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What is the Alabama Virtual Library?  It is an on-line library funded by the Alabama Legislature and the Education Trust Fund available FREE of charge to all citizens in Alabama.  The AVL contains a wide range of materials including encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, almanacs, databases, and websites on history, science, math, and language.  Students and adults of all ages may find information for research papers, projects and answers to questions.  This information can be accessed using the password issued when you get an AVL card by using online computers from any location.  You must have Internet access to use the Alabama Virtual Library.

The new AVL website enables most users to access the site without a username and password. For more information about when AVL Cards are still necessary, please go to If you need an AVL Card, please go to your public library or your public school library (if you are a student).

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